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A pigeon's misfortune

A Pigeon's Misfortune

Jeremy is a little dreaming pigeon. From a young age, he dreamed to be the very first pigeon to walk on the moon. He used every single techniques he could imagine to get there. He first attempted, like any good pigeon, to fly to its destination, but unfortunately his wings were too small. He even tried to use a trampoline, but without any success. Jeremy was upset; his dream would never come true…

Then one morning, perched on the roof of a house, he observed a nearby lady hanging her clothes on a rope… when he suddenly had a stroke of genius! Proud of himself, he prepared his plan with care. He settled on top of the house and jumped! While falling, he bounced against the rope and propulsed himself toward the sky! Will his plan succeed? Will he actually be the first pigeon to walk on the moon?


Use your mouse to catch the feathers and get the farthest possible! But be careful, the sky is not a safe place. Try to avoid any obstacle that you might encounter.

Each obstacle will deflect you in a different way. Learn them to avoid from falling back!